21 Chestnut and preparing to become living art

So its been a while since i wrote in here, but i thought i should probably keep this blog going through the summer so i will actually remember to write in it again once term starts.
Since my last post I have finished my first year and came out literally a couple of percent under a 2:1 which was a bit dissapointing. Although looking at the shocking work that i did for my elective im quite suprised that i didn't fail, it was awful.
I've also moved into my new house! Finally after being stopped from moving in for a week to to the sheer state the previous tennants had left it in i'm pretty much settled into my leeds life again.
Its been quite alot of fun the first few weeks of having a house and im enjoying it alot more than halls, its been a bit boring not doing any work so i was happy when my parents sent me the summer work that got sent to my house at home.

I'm pretty excited about the brief especially the brand research section, i love comme des garcons so it should be pretty fun researching the brands history, i'm also going to london next weekend to appear in antony gormleys 4th plinth art work and i'e found out that theres they stock alot of comme des garcons in dover street market so im going to aim to have a look round there if i get the chance to, if not i will still definately be going to the V&A so hopefully that might help a bit with some future work.

I have already done some initial research into comme des garcons, here are a few of my favourite images i have found.