21 Chestnut and preparing to become living art

So its been a while since i wrote in here, but i thought i should probably keep this blog going through the summer so i will actually remember to write in it again once term starts.
Since my last post I have finished my first year and came out literally a couple of percent under a 2:1 which was a bit dissapointing. Although looking at the shocking work that i did for my elective im quite suprised that i didn't fail, it was awful.
I've also moved into my new house! Finally after being stopped from moving in for a week to to the sheer state the previous tennants had left it in i'm pretty much settled into my leeds life again.
Its been quite alot of fun the first few weeks of having a house and im enjoying it alot more than halls, its been a bit boring not doing any work so i was happy when my parents sent me the summer work that got sent to my house at home.

I'm pretty excited about the brief especially the brand research section, i love comme des garcons so it should be pretty fun researching the brands history, i'm also going to london next weekend to appear in antony gormleys 4th plinth art work and i'e found out that theres they stock alot of comme des garcons in dover street market so im going to aim to have a look round there if i get the chance to, if not i will still definately be going to the V&A so hopefully that might help a bit with some future work.

I have already done some initial research into comme des garcons, here are a few of my favourite images i have found.

Reasons for these images

I chose to use this image because it shows how I have developed taking shapes from research images and transferring them into possible shapes for garments. Also I have stitched into the shapes drawn on the bodies which I think gives a pretty nice effect.
This is the illustration I used for my interdisciplinary module. I really like this drawing especially the quality of line and the stitching into the garment, inspiration for the stitching was taken from my previous slide.
This is a research sheet from my first module. I chose to use this sheet because it shows a wide variety of skills on one sheet. It includes fabric samples work on the stand and manipulated images which I think work really well together
This is my final line up. I chose to use this image because it is the first time that I had used CAD to create a design. I found it very effective and quite simple to create. It was also my first time designing a collection, I think that it had worked out really well, you can see that all the outfits belong in a collection.
I chose to include this image because I feel that it shows that I can take images from my research and use and manipulate them to create possible garment ideas. All my research for this was based around the word skeletal.
I chose to use this image because like the previous image it shows how I can take and image from my research and relate it to fashion. In this case it was the image of a dead bat that I’d related to a fabric sample then to some work on the stand using paper.
Dark fiction trend board. I have included this image because out of the whole creative design practices module this was my strongest point. I like the images I have chosen and how I have arranged them also the colours I have used. I feel that aesthetically this trend board works really well.
On the Move trend board. Similarly to the last image, I have chosen this image as I feel it demonstrates my skill to take a trend and using the internet and my own images create a trend board summing it up visually. I feel that this does this quite well and you can instantly get an idea of what sort of garments and colours are used for this particular trend.
I chose this sheet as it shows how my ideas generating skills have developed. Instead of using a drawn figure and simply drawing the garment idea over it I have used the material that I used to create my garment (film negative) to create possible shapes. I feel that this was a quite creative approach to generating ideas and worked really well.
I chose this image for a similar reason to my last one, except this time I used blown up images of my research which I then added the film negative to and drew on top of. I feel that this was very effective and you really got a feel for my concept from this.
I chose this image as it showed the development of my ideas from the last stage. I have attempted to add colour to the negatives which hadn’t really worked. I also like how I have drawn over some of the images on the photocopy to give the sheet more context. I really like the effect that’s created from drawing over a photograph image.
This image was chosen as it displays some of the CAD skills that I have learnt this year. I especially like that the outline of the image and the block colour fill are separate. I like the effect that this gives.
This was my favourite image that I produced in the drawing sessions we had at the beginning of the year. I then filled in some of the garments with fabric fills on Photoshop. I chose to include this image as I feel that it demonstrates some of the better CAD skills I have learnt this year. I also really like the composition of this image and feel that the placement of the objects works really well together.
Another demonstration of my CAD skills. I chose to use this one as it was a lot different to any of the other illustrations that I produced in that module. It combined my hand rendered illustration with photography. This I feel was very successful.
The final image for the FAC brief. I chose to include this as I feel it was the most successful photograph I have taken this year. It puts across my concept extremely well. I especially like the combination of the quite busy photo covered wall in the background with the quite simple shapes and colours included in the model.

15 images

Illustration for interdisciplinary

This is my illustation that i decided to use for my final illiustraton. I actually really like it, it started off with just a few splats of ink to get the basic shape of the figure then i just drew the figure in pen. I then went over dome of the areas that need to be darker with some water so the ink ran, I finished off with stitching into the garment on the illustration which you can't really see much in this scan although i think its quite effective

Final Garment for interdisciplinary

The main body to my garment was probably the most successful part of it. The balls especially the latex ones looked good on their own but when it came to attaching them to the main body it proved quite difficult. Also the largest ball dragged the garment down which i didn't really plan for so i had to attach a thin latex strap to keep it upright. All in all i think that the production of this garment could have been greatly improved given more time.. I feel that hand sewing the latex took alot longer than I had first thought and i didn't plan on having to put boning into the larger balls to keep their shape.

The help really starts

Meeting my 3rd year

Eatser Holiday

So I've been off for easter for about 2 weeks now and have decided that it was about time I did something cultural, and with a wide selection of galleries in liverpool i didn't have to travel far.
Before going I decided to check what exhibitions were on on the internet first.
I headed to Liverpool to see the Fashion vs Sports exhibition that is on at the walker gallery. It showcases several areas of how fashion has intergrated itself into sportswear and vice versa. The exhibition included pieces from Vivienne Westwood and a sequined wetsuit by Chanel.
The exhibition was split up into 4 sections:
looks at contemporary fashions and how sportswear is rated highly as an essential part of the modern wardrobe. Function and high performance are of primary concern in the design of sportswear. Companies invest a great amount of time and money into researching performance-enhancing garments and footwear.
Recently, fashion designers have integrated many of these technologies into their designs, often by collaborating with sports corporations. At the same time, sportswear has become increasingly fashionable and self-aware, often looking back at its own design history.
I liked the chanel sequined wetsuit in this part of the exhibition because of the way it took the glamorous element of all classic chanel designs in the sequins but made a wetsuit out of it.

highlights the street as the most crucial space where sportswear is worn as fashion.
Sportswear or sports-inspired fashion may seem a uniform type of dress. Lots of people wear trainers with a hooded jersey top and tracksuit bottoms. However, individuality is expressed through subtle differences and changes.
This section explores how homemade street adaptations - such as how laces are tied and decorated or how tracksuits are worn - have inspired designers to reinterpret trainers and the tracksuit. The practice of customising has motivated major sports companies to produce commercially customised goods.

traces the customisation of sports fashion and shows how the creativity of customisers has been embraced by global superbrands.
Sportswear first crossed over into casual wear because it was comfortable and affordable. Since then it has developed its own look, based on patterns and colours of performance sportswear but often exaggerated.
In playing with the idea of sportswear, designers have pushed the boundaries of what trainers and sports clothes can look like. Witty, ironic and sophisticated, their work reflects the equally inventive customisation of sportswear that can be seen on the street.
My favourite item in this section of the exhibition was a cassette playa tracksuit and t-shirt. I liked this particually because of the bold print it used, you can see the inspiration that has been taken from old 80's sportswear.

uncovers the world of sportswear obsessives.
From a designer's obsession with football, via one-off, limited edition or cult design pieces, to expensive trainer and tracksuit collections, this section explores how sportswear's function has become almost redundant. Instead, its style has become the key feature.

Interdisciplinary initial idea sheets

FAC photshoot

This is the final image i decided on to use in my fashion art and culture. I feel that this reflect my idea quite well, putting an extravagantly dressed person into a normal everday situation. I especially like the family photos in the background as i feel this brings the outrageously dressed person back down to earth a little bit, you can now relate to them seeing the family pictures whereas before you would have probably found it hard to.

FAC Final idea

For my final image I have decided to take my outrageously dressed person and put them into an everyday situation. My inspiration for this came from my concept but also from the singer Roisin Murphy, she wears quite out there stage clothes and for her most recent album cover and all the singles covers were pictures of her in these outrageous outfits in a normal everday situation.

Fashion Art and Culture Ideas sheets

Here are a few of my more successful ideas and development sheets from my fashion art and cultutre project

Egon Schiele

Reading week elective: experimental drawing

it was my first day of my experimental drawing elective today and i really enjoyed it. It was nice being able to let go and have fun and experiment and for it not to have to be anything. I really enjoyed the fine art aspect of the foundation course i did before coming here and this elective reminds me alot of that.

We did 3 minute blind drawings with our fingers and blind paint, without sounding like a child i really enjoyed getting messy, i think it was the whole experimenting aspect and the fact that it didn't matter if it looked any good.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and researching other artists work

BoomBox Club Night

After my initail interest in the youth culture section of the fashion history lectures I chose to do the subculture question, specifically homing in on the youth subcultures that exist in big citys today. Mainly London.
I've always had an interest in street fashion and knew of a few websites that showcased the fashion that London club nights such as boombox and durr have.
I reccomend that you take a look if you also have an interest in street fashions and style.