Reasons for these images

I chose to use this image because it shows how I have developed taking shapes from research images and transferring them into possible shapes for garments. Also I have stitched into the shapes drawn on the bodies which I think gives a pretty nice effect.
This is the illustration I used for my interdisciplinary module. I really like this drawing especially the quality of line and the stitching into the garment, inspiration for the stitching was taken from my previous slide.
This is a research sheet from my first module. I chose to use this sheet because it shows a wide variety of skills on one sheet. It includes fabric samples work on the stand and manipulated images which I think work really well together
This is my final line up. I chose to use this image because it is the first time that I had used CAD to create a design. I found it very effective and quite simple to create. It was also my first time designing a collection, I think that it had worked out really well, you can see that all the outfits belong in a collection.
I chose to include this image because I feel that it shows that I can take images from my research and use and manipulate them to create possible garment ideas. All my research for this was based around the word skeletal.
I chose to use this image because like the previous image it shows how I can take and image from my research and relate it to fashion. In this case it was the image of a dead bat that I’d related to a fabric sample then to some work on the stand using paper.
Dark fiction trend board. I have included this image because out of the whole creative design practices module this was my strongest point. I like the images I have chosen and how I have arranged them also the colours I have used. I feel that aesthetically this trend board works really well.
On the Move trend board. Similarly to the last image, I have chosen this image as I feel it demonstrates my skill to take a trend and using the internet and my own images create a trend board summing it up visually. I feel that this does this quite well and you can instantly get an idea of what sort of garments and colours are used for this particular trend.
I chose this sheet as it shows how my ideas generating skills have developed. Instead of using a drawn figure and simply drawing the garment idea over it I have used the material that I used to create my garment (film negative) to create possible shapes. I feel that this was a quite creative approach to generating ideas and worked really well.
I chose this image for a similar reason to my last one, except this time I used blown up images of my research which I then added the film negative to and drew on top of. I feel that this was very effective and you really got a feel for my concept from this.
I chose this image as it showed the development of my ideas from the last stage. I have attempted to add colour to the negatives which hadn’t really worked. I also like how I have drawn over some of the images on the photocopy to give the sheet more context. I really like the effect that’s created from drawing over a photograph image.
This image was chosen as it displays some of the CAD skills that I have learnt this year. I especially like that the outline of the image and the block colour fill are separate. I like the effect that this gives.
This was my favourite image that I produced in the drawing sessions we had at the beginning of the year. I then filled in some of the garments with fabric fills on Photoshop. I chose to include this image as I feel that it demonstrates some of the better CAD skills I have learnt this year. I also really like the composition of this image and feel that the placement of the objects works really well together.
Another demonstration of my CAD skills. I chose to use this one as it was a lot different to any of the other illustrations that I produced in that module. It combined my hand rendered illustration with photography. This I feel was very successful.
The final image for the FAC brief. I chose to include this as I feel it was the most successful photograph I have taken this year. It puts across my concept extremely well. I especially like the combination of the quite busy photo covered wall in the background with the quite simple shapes and colours included in the model.